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We just found this site

Fashionable bags, luggage, tablet sleeves, and more!

These look really nice – you definitely need to check them out. We haven’t reviewed any of their products, we only just found the website and got excited by the look of the bags that we wanted to post the link first. Enjoy!

(A few images from the product page below!)

Perhaps Rolling Laptop Bags Will Take A Hint

Yes we love fashion as well as function when it comes to women’s laptop bags, and depending on who we are the priorities will shift one way or another

In a bit more of the function side than the fashion side but a really cool function: a messenger laptop bag that has power inside!! has a nice preview of these power bags from Tech Guys.

“Inside the power bag is a battery and four USB ports. Wires are routed through the bag into pockets. Plug in the device or devices, and they stay charged while you travel.

“We have it in backpacks we have messenger bags we have slings, we have rolling brief cases like this one right here,” says Bratskeir. “We have three different lines of bags.”

While not the most fashionable for business, definitely a bag to consider for your collection

Now THIS Is A Fashionable Laptop Bag

While this is not a rolling laptop bag for women, it is definitely a very cool laptop bag. And having laptop bags for different occasions is not a bad thing. Especially when you can switch the covers out easily so that your laptop bags make a nice fashion statement to such as edgy, fashionable, designer, or business.

Courtesy of an article on, we found out about the One Bag by UNDFIND and wow do these laptop covers look fabulous!

“The One Bag laptop set is a cushy and beautifully-designed laptop case that provides protection and adds a designer flair. The inside is lined with a soft padded microsuede so your computer (up to 15″) will remain protected. And there are lots of pockets for cords, USB drives, cell phones–whatever else you want to bring with you.”

Pricewise, only about $130. Not too bad. And the name is catchy too. “One Bag, Many Cover Options

Very nice!

Laptop Bag Within A Bag Concept: Interesting

On ZDNet writer Joel Evans talks about his ultimate fantasy laptop bag and even gets manufacturer Waterfield Designs to manufacture it for him as a custom bag.

This is a bit of an amusing read and I have to say that we disagree a bit with the author. His point was that he ended up needing multiple bags for multiple functions and uses with his laptop. He is trying to design one bag to fit all functions.

And we get an inside picture and it looks …. well, a bit disorganized and hectic.

“What makes this bag work so well is the fact that it actually does have all of these bags. If I need an accessory or a cable, I simply unzip the bag, and then take out the Cableguy bag. It’s all self-contained as a bag in a bag, so there are no miscellaneous pieces to gather in the laptop bag itself.

To each his own, our personal opinion: nothing wrong with having multiple bags for multiple functions, am I right?

Keep Your Laptop Safe When Traveling And When Out And About

A great article in the LA Times recently:

“Keeping Your Laptop Safe From Theives”

Here are the main points:

Think of your laptop like money

If you leave a wad of cash on a seat, how likely is that a target for thieves? Thank of your laptop the same way


“If you carry your laptop in a bag that was obviously designed for that purpose, it could become a prime target. Consider putting your computer inside a briefcase, backpack or other bag that’s not so upfront about its contents.” This is a great reason to invest in a rolling laptop bag instead of a simple messenger bag or even laptop backpack. Since many of us travel with our laptop, using a rolling laptop bag has many advantages – mostly because it looks like luggage and not necessarily a big specifically designed for a laptop

In fact take a look at our bestseller list and the current number one McKlein USA Glen Ellyn Rolling Laptop Bag and you’ll see that coincidentally these rolling laptop bags for women that combine business and style do a great job of disguise as well!


Software is available which will sound an alarm if the laptop detects aberrant movement


Here we come to some simple common sense when it comes to luggage. Keep your eye on your laptop at all times. Do not push your luggage (and laptop) through the X-Ray until it is your turn. Watch it go through. Then walk yourself through. When you come out the other end you look for your laptop. If your laptop goes out before you walk through, you may lose it. If you walk through before your laptop walks through, you may lose it. You want to basically give it a head start, then beat it to the finish line

Backup Your Data

And of course if you ever lose your data, it will be nice to have a backup.

Something this article didn’t touch on is encryption. This is a tricky one because if you encrypt your hard drives, it will make it harder for thieves to sneak off with your data. But they can still sneak off with your laptop. Encrypting your hard drives does give you a bit of extra protection. The bad side? If your laptop ever crashes, it is much harder to rebuild a laptop that has been encrypted and you may lose your data – which means you want a backup anyway.

Great article by the Go check it out!